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best practice

Best practices

CDA has supported thousands of people in their pursuit of better aid practice. From CDA we have learned the importance of carefully analyzing our actions and behaviors in every context. We’ve learned that “doing no harm” means we must think before we act.

We have also learned that listening and engaging with those we seek to help is a necessary component to building trust and developing respectful relationships.

These lessons were specifically designed with aid practitioners in mind, but they are much more widely applicable. Continue reading

Reactions from Book Launches

Time to Listen is on tour in Europe! Dayna has just returned from London and Germany where she made presentations to ALNAP members and others in London and joined Mary B. Anderson for presentations to BMZ staff and FriEnt members in Germany. Mary also spoke to EWED/Bread for the World staff in Germany and is continuing the “tour” speaking with NGOs, donors and others in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm this week. Continue reading

New Book

Now Available! Time to Listen

CDA is happy to announce that Time to Listen: Hearing People on the Receiving End of International Aid has been published!

Time to Listen summarizes the experiences and analysis of nearly 6,000 people in 20 aid receiving countries, as well as the reflections of aid workers themselves, on the effectiveness of international aid efforts as captured through The Listening Project. Continue reading