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“We’ve Opened Pandora’s Box!” Responding to Unsolicited Feedback

– In this post, Sarah Cechvala, an expert on aid accountability and feedback loops as well as responsible business practice at CDA, addresses the practical challenges related to analyzing, responding to, and utilizing open-ended feedback from communities. In response to the burgeoning emphasis on accountability and local ownership in the humanitarian and development sectors, we have seen organizations adopt more deliberate approaches to collecting community feedback. Yet, what happens when this feedback “doesn’t fit” within our prescribed lines of inquiry or is broader than our programmatic objectives or operational mandate? Making sense of where and how unsolicited feedback fits into our organizational directives can feel insurmountable, but often is essential for effective practices. –

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Workshop in Nepal

Reflecting on Peace Practice – Simple but not Simplistic

In this blog post, development aid practitioner specialising in conflict transformation and peacebuilding work, Bjoern Eser looks back at his six years of work in Nepal and shares the key questions that guided him. Eser argues that the Reflecting on Peace Practice Matrix helped efforts to make local initiatives more strategic, in particular when many international efforts were focused on Nepal’s constitution-building process. Continue reading